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    Been good interaction with all living creatures before be a  Buddha."         

......... Master Luo Sang                      



        Incense Shop Incense were made by Master  "Luo-Sang" and his disciples, as concentrate on practice Buddhist rules daily and without supports from all living creatures, the incenses’ production & sales not only become the interaction with all living creatures, but also the source of their living.

 << Avalokitesvara



           Insistences and Guarantees :                                                     Non-toxicity test 

  1) 100% pure and natural materials.


  2) No Chemical additives such as synthetic essential oils, pigments & poisonous  ingredients.

Made in natural and heritage method to keep the original colors and purest scents.



Custom Design, OEM, ODM is most welcome   

We can produce the incenses,  according to customer’s request such as scent, modeling, package, prices ….

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