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   Agarwood  Incense  Series - StandHorizontalCoilPowder.....                                         

   Incense Shop has developed many different types of incense such as stand , horizontal , coil ,  powder... people at present day, either on working or leisure as drinking tea, chatting, reading, creating, meditation, purifying, blessing ...... bring us completely different living style due do variety & practical incenses.

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   Medication incense  Series - StandHorizontalCoilPowder.....  

   Medication incense contents many-selected natural herbal, prescription and Master's pray with bless, which make the incenses with special character, could relax our mind, let our body feel smoothly and comfortable, adjust our magnetic field, purifying, rid of evils, pray for the blessings & lucky ....

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   Burner Series -  incense burnerHorizontal BoxCoil burnerPowder Plate ....

     Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.  High quality incenses need fine and practical burners to show the incenses' features, characters and intension. According to this demand, we offer some some modeling graceful, completely functional burners to share to the amateurs of Incense Shop to improve our living level. 

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Above incenses' production has been supervised by King Suh Shiuan.  


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