Audio- 2T  Audio- 4TTN SCREW  

SNAP-IN 85c   105c

 Axial 85c   105c   NP  

 Radial Type   SMT 85c    105c    Photoflash  



       Supertech has been involved in Electrolytic capacitors and export to International markets since 1991. In order to provide premium quality Products to our customers, we have applied ISO certified, and now the electrolytic capacitors are manufactured under ISO9001:2008 (CNS 12681) certified process. Our electrolytic capacitors come in a wide range voltage, capacitance values and combine advances compact sizes, long life, low impedance¡K

       Supertech has been authorized to produce Audio capacitor - guided current capacitor by  DNM Design since 2012.  And after few months¡¦ research & analysis, the product Audio capacitor - guided current capacitor  2T  specifically for audio application and   T-Network capacitor 4TTN ,except audio but also for other applications which requiring ultimate  capacitor performance has been approved and to enter the market.

         All electrolytic capacitors with our registered  logo       meet RoHS requirement,  for quality and service assurance.


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